Trans Bubble Bath (Full Set)

Here is my full bubble bath set. I hope you enjoy the photos.   xoxo ~ Amber Lynn

64 thoughts on “Bubble Bath (Full)”

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is good of you to pass on your knowledge in such a way that will promote understanding in a positive manner. It seems as though this is becoming so less common. I appreciate your pic and the pdf. Again, thanks.

  2. You are beautiful, from your head down to those extremely beautiful feet, I would love to put your toes to my mouth and kiss

  3. Hello love dion love here i receive your pictures, and thank you for them.i find myself staring into those incredible beautiful eyes they are very very sexy.I hope that you can be very helpful to me i have been attracted to t-girls for quite some time now and my fantasy is making love with one i would love to hold her in my arms.and have her lay me down and look into my eyes,and make sweet passionate love to me in a elegant way and i would do the same to her and orally pleasure her as long as she wish that’s my fantasy if you can do this for me i will be so ever grateful. your truly dion love

  4. Dear Amber

    Thanks first of all for the lovely sexy pic’s and your T-girl dating guide hope its helps me to soon date some lovely women like you

    love Mike

  5. Such exquisite beauty Amber Lynn. Thanks for sharing this photo set as well as your site, videos, download, pics, etc!! xx

  6. im from ,Michigan,an im 6foot 5inches tall,i like romantic walks by the moonlight,i also like to travel,nice pics you have

  7. Ach hättest du nur noch ein Plätzchen frei in der Badewanne. Der Rücken muss ordentlich geschrubbelt werden, unter der Vorhaut muss auch Alles abgesaugt werden und dein Poloch würde ich auch gerne mit meiner Zunge erkunden….

  8. Thank you for this site. You look so sexy in your bath. I am in my third year of transition to become what I have always meant to be a sexy T-Girl. What I have changed to so far is so rewarding. thank you again.

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