T-Girl Dating Guide

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About Amber Lynn

Know What You Want

How Should You Address Me and Other T-Girls?

1. Glossary of Terms
2. Be Well Informed
3. Take Your Lead from Us

How Should You Ask Me Out?

What About Rejection?

Does it Mean I’m Gay, if I like T-Girls?

Where to Meet the T-Girl of Your Dreams

1. Online T-Girl Chat Rooms
2. Nightclubs and Bars
3. Classified Ads for Escorts
4. T-Girl Dating Sites
5. Social Networking Sites

What a T-Girl Wants In a Man

How to Treat Her Once You’ve Found Her

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Intimacy and Sex

1. Has She Opened Up About Herself?
2. Foreplay
3. Physical and Psychological Issues
4. Top, Bottom or Switch?
5. Should you Touch It?
6. What about BDSM and Fetishes?
7. After Sex Guilt
8. Safe Sex Caution



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