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I love to hear from my site visitors and members of the T-Girl Dating Guide e-mail list. Please share your comments or questions. I will publish selected questions and success stories in future messages so everyone can learn even more about the exotic world of T-Girl dating.


Amber Lynn

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  1. Hi my name is John, I’m 31 white blonde and I love tgirls, I don’t like guys, I am vers but I have a special talent, I can ejaculate from bottoming without touching my cock, I love to cum this way I tried to deny it but the urge comes full swing, I notice not a lot of online content about it, tgirls are women, and I’m not gay, and It feel s so natural to come from bottoming it must be a natural thing for all guys, i want to change social dynamic by staring in tporn I want to show public my talent I want to be known as the blonde goldilocks that come from having a tcock fuck me, I wanna prove u can cum from prostate and I want to have so much content that all guys watch outa curiosity and tempt more straight men to try Cummings from cock with just penetration so it’s not homosexual and tgirls can be part of straight porn , that way tgirls aren’t associated with gay stigma and more were learn all guys can and maybe are supposed t to cum from tgirl tops so taking tcock is just straight porn , eventually girl s and tgirls will both be just women and if she’s packing just means ur gna get ur routine does of prostate orgasm, eventually bio girls will all have steapons just to compete, if I could I would only have sex with tgirls I like to top mostly but I have the deepest urge an nee to spread my eagle with hands behind head while a tgirl ficks the cum outa me , the desire isn’t going away so if I do marry I think I want a tgirl wife, I’m in San Diego I want to get out there but maybe I’m. To excited, but I would love to have a tgirl friend that can fulfill my needs I want to have a tcock put me to sleep and I would love to wake up in the morning with morning girl wood already inside me, it’s been so long it’s like a withdrawal I sometimes fantasize about being tied up and having a line of tgirls top me til I squirt and see how many tgirls can fuck me til I squirt, I also fear that like Yasmin Lee so much as slide inside I’d cum prematurely but I’d want more, can u hrlp

  2. Amber, you are adorable and beautiful–in every way. I hope to find a pre-op, like you, someday; going through all that surgery is not necessary to be a beautiful, elegant, T-Girl, lady. The ”Extras” can easily be worked around and worked with. Sincerely, a strong admirer of you, Amber–as well as the entire community you represent. Doug


  4. i’m an admirer, and love the clothes and ropes , takes more than few lines to explain that one word

  5. I am an admirer , love the clothes and shoes, I also like lite tie up games , no nasty stuff clothes on , hard to explain I guess but the special person will know what it means

  6. I just want to no is there any Chance for me being 60 plus. I would love to meet a shemaile . but being marred makes it hard . I love big breast and I love being loved. It is the first time for me . so there for discretion is Piermont for me . hope you can help . thanks Amber love

  7. Hi Amber,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful guide. Now write one for your ardent admirers. ie How can we date you??? LOL I know. Not a chance. OK? Just payin’ a compliment. You are very exotic and fem beautiful. What I have noticed most, Like in your guide, is how much effort and detail all of you lovely tgirls put into the femininity. Gestures speech, appearance. No wonder so many straight men are smitten by your charms and beauty. Thank you so much for the boost in self image from your guide too. As all of us newcomers are afraid of social mistreatment for coming out as admirers, your guide helped me get the courage to send every tgirl I’ve been attracted to, “add to contacts” on my dating site. I’m still scared, but feel proud to take a step out in public like that. Even if it is a small one.

  8. Hi amber thank you for the guide and it was helpful. Well honestly I came across tgirls over the years on the net and I got curious about them and I do like them and hoping to date one someday and I do have a tgfriend as a friend and we have lot of fun together and she stays far away from me and honestly I am still learning about tgirls every day

  9. Amber Lynn I tried to contact you via the email dealio, but it kept telling me, “could not read captcha token file. try again”??? anyway… I was wondering if you were in the Albany, NY area, I think we should have coffee some time. There is no way your eyes are that blue in person. 😉

  10. Hello Amber I joined your site today. I have always been a big admirer of tgirl for a very long time. You are a very beautiful tgirl. I just downloaded your dating manual and just started reading it. I’ve try registering to your dating site but can’t get past the security answer cuz its a math question. I’ve did some crossdressing a little bit in my past though I still have a nice collection of high heel shoes.

  11. Hello Amber, you are a wondeful girl and more so by making the dating guide available for free to anyone intersted in the transgedered community. You are beatiful inside and out. your guide should be a must for all persons that want to interact with all transgedered GIRLS/woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Hi Amber first I would like to thank you for the guide and I hope it’s goin helpful in my dating trial. And i will love to ask you again to help me find a shemale lover in Ethiopia. Love King Tg

  13. Hi Amber, First i wanted to tell you that are gorgeous! Also I wanted to thank you fo the valuable information in yo guide, and making it free! Thank you for sharing the bub bath pictures as well they are amazing as are you. I have to say that those picturesere so sexy and sensual. It had nothing to do with the fact that you were naked under the bubbles, it came from your eye and your smile both amazing! I have to admit that I have a huge crush on you.

  14. I have devoted my entire evening to reading your dating guide, watching your many youtube videos, and checking out links listed on the site. I must say i am very impressed and thankful to have stumbled upon you by accident.extremely helpful, informative, and entertaining in a flirtacious evening well spent. Intelligence and beauty combined with a true desire to help others find happiness. Kudos to you

  15. Hey Amber,
    I’m a new user to your website and let me just start off by saying, WOW!! This is truly amazing. My name is Tommy and I am a 25 year old male from New York. I’ve had 3 girlfriends in my past and I came to realize they really were not for me. I’m really interested in dating tgirls and finding my true soulmate. I have viewed all your videos and they have answered TONS of my questions so let me say thank you very much!! But I do have one more question. I am obviously nervous about admitting to my friends and family, what do you suggest is the best way? I know this is what I really want in my life. This is what I was made for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much Amber!! are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  16. Hey hows the hottest ts/tg( woman). I have a question. Im a straight male but i’ve been interested in ts/tg’s or shemales. where in the citrus heights,roseville,california area could i go. still searching.your fan windell

  17. Dear Miss Amber, I have lost the password to Your bubble bath (full) photos. Would You please send me a email with the password?
    Love and Worship, David

  18. Amber: would you do me a favor and make an appearance in the chat? The guys and girls would enjoy meeting you i think. Only one guy and one girl knew you are. i know they would like to meet you and they they love meeting new and interesting people.
    one of your biggest fans
    Raymond Galland – Amanda1950

  19. Hello let me start by saying that you are really beautiful god bless u and i hope to meet a
    T-Girl in my area. I am married and all with kids, i am just looking for someone to talk to and be good friend with and maybe something else down the road. Is there any T-Girl in my area I live in Pennsylvania. I hope to see your message again Love Spanishman

  20. Hello Amber Lynn
    Thank you for the dating guide, and hope to find a date here in South Africa
    enjoyed your pics on your site and you are very beautifull
    xxx Evan

  21. Hi Amber,
    Very pleased that i have registered with your fantastic web site.I have been dressing for a number of years now and i would like to think i am quite convincing.Although i find it hard to go out dressed as a woman which i have done on a couple of occassion. i would sya am very keen to meet like minded crossdressers more so in my own area. What would be my first steps to do this.

  22. Hi Amber, yes I have recieved your copy of “T-Girl Dating Guide”. I been pretty busy of late and have not had time to sit down and go through it as of yet, I will get to it before long through. There is one thing that I’d like to comment on and that is your site…There is so much out there today pretaining to topics of transgenderism. Like many of us I’ve seen more then enough of my fair share of these sites. Although yours is right there at the top. It has much to offer both the beginner as well as (for lack of better terminology) seasoned of us and I would like to express my sincere thanks for you efforts and wish you the best.

  23. Hi Amber!
    At first let me tell you that I think you are very beautiful and seems to be a very nice person as well. I am a older male who just recently discovered my admiration for shemales. It stroke me with surprise. Well now I am ready to try to find someone as a friend for a start and I think your guide is a great step in the way. I am not interested in the escort or prostitutionworld wich I feel would leave only emptiness and that is not what I want. I want a friend maybe for life.
    Wish me luck!
    And thank you for your site


  24. Amber Lynn
    I came accross your site from a different path. I am happily married and not interested in dating but I have a question about my teen aged daughter who has complete gonadal dysgenesis. She was born with xy chromosomes but no surgeries have been or will be necessary. She clearly believes she is a girl and is currently taking estrogen therapy quite successfully. She has lived as a girl all of her life. I am aware there is a huge sensititivity in comparing t-girls with with my daughter but I was just wondering if you have been involved with such discussions. I noticed in reading your quide and site some similiarities. Please be aware I will not show your potential answer to my daughter. I guess I just want to be prepared for the path ahead. Thanks for your help.

  25. Hi Amber how r u im a xdresser also thanx 4 ur dating guide u r so beautiful ive met a guy that wants me as a girl ive never dressed up in front of a guy b4 but cant wait 2 do 4 this guy he’s so nice & sweet 2 me can u giv me sum tips on make up plz i want this 2 b so special let u know how things go u enjoy ur day and hav fun X0X0X0 lots of luv colin ratha it b colleen tho x

  26. Hallo Amber
    i´m a Crossdresser a man in woman fashion and Dessous
    you can help me from Crossdresser to make me a Woman
    with Breasts and more you learn me Femine lady
    with fashion,high heels,make up and more

  27. Hi amber I’m new his all I’m the nice Guy any one wood meet.
    I have a head time meaning women like you how should I start?

  28. Dear Awesome Amber Lynn…My name is Robert Birch..My computer is in getting repaired.. Do you have any suggestions? I? Looking for a She/Male orTG either presurgery or Post surery for a serious relationship

  29. Amber, Im on facebook under tomas tracey & caroline tracey as I dress up occasionally. I sent you a friend request from facebook at the weekend. I would also love to become a member of you tgirl dating site. xxxxxxx Caroline

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