Tranny Pirate Wench

Here are pics of my Halloween costume. I love this holiday! There’s something a little edgy and kinky about Halloween, especially among my friends. Here, I’m dressed as a tranny pirate wench.

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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11 thoughts on “Pirate Wench”

  1. Amber, I like your new photo galleries. Please consider doing some shots of your rear view, e.g., wearing tight jeans or a bikini and bending over.

  2. hai Amber…wow gorgeous to see u….really amazing looks n seductive posing…. sexy hot catchy eyes n lips …..very sensual in dressing….

  3. amber i love your costume even better with the captain a few of thos and you will definetly bee feeling like a wench lol all in fun sweetheart ,i wish i was going to a party but i will be driving across the country like usual working i am only off work on weekends have fun and please be careful . also no drinking and driving wouldent want too see you as a fatality kisses babe happy holloween patrick

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