Trans Girl in Black Leggings

This is my moody rock n roll inspired outfit with black leggings. I actually wore this outfit to a summer concert and received a number of compliments on how I looked. That’s always nice to hear! I was listening to Led Zeppelin in the background during this photo shoot. As usual, I was having fun!

Please check back .  I’ll be adding more photos soon!

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12 thoughts on “Black Leggings”

  1. You are the type of person I am looking for, but never find, especially in conventional means. How does one find someone like you, with all your attributes.

  2. Hello Amber! This is a fantastic set of absolutely beautiful pictures of you. Those leggings and heels are just so sexy on you. ALL of your pictures are just gorgeous!

    You are truly a beautiful, elegant, sexy and classy woman. And thank you for your help to those of us looking to meet that special girl and spoil her for life like I am in search of. It would take someone like you, who is so pretty and sweet, to have the know how since I would imagine hundreds, if not more, of men must have hit on you and you have the vast experience dealing with all kinds of them.

    Take Care and Thank You once again! XOXO Tom.

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