Tranny in Purple Lingerie!

Any tranny girl looks great in black and purple lingerie! I love this color combination. This is a photo set showing off my latest nighties. I’m also wearing black stockings and fishnet pantyhose. A t-girl has to love the sexy, feminine feeling of wearing sexy undergarments. Sometimes I wear them under my regular clothes, especially when I’m about to seduce my lover!

48 thoughts on “Purple Lingerie”

  1. If i could date any tgirl in the world amber. I want you. You are my dream girl. Beautiful?sexy,with a body to die for.

  2. Just saying hi, and your one sexy gurl, don’t you just love it when u look and feel all sexy ,and look so hot, your a hottie

  3. This IS your best pic, of ALL your pics! VERY Fem! In all of the other pics your eyebrows seem to dive down too much above your nose.. If you’d straighten the line on your brows, all your pics would look this great! Love ya, just friendly true advise.. The brows got to go, they make you look mad/evil…

  4. amber i really like you in that purple lingerie you look so gorgeous so lovely so beautiful you make me heart beat so fast when i see you in your lingerie i only have one question for you why are you so beautiful so sexy looking how did you become so pretty bye sweet girl for now and take care

  5. Amber Lynn the reward for love is the experience of loving. I love the photographs and really love you. You really are a super

  6. Truly a WOW moment. You are so hot in this outfit. I would be on my knees begging for your attention.

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