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I greatly appreciate links to My online friends have contributed to the success of this site and we’re getting the message out! If you would like to place my link or a banner on your page you can use the following, and please let me know so I can reciprocate the link love!


You can copy and paste this code directly into the HTML (source code) of your web page:

<a href=””>Download Amber Lynn’s Free T-Girl Dating Guide</a>


Or you can download this banner and link it to
Download Amber Lynn's Free T-Girl Dating Guide!

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  1. Hello Amber!
    Just a note to let you know you have been added to our links at
    We are a new forum/directory/social networking/website for all people who do not identify within the limits of the gender binary of Male and Female.
    Hope you join and share some wonderful topics and information.
    Delta S.

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